Kamelior Team comprises passionate innovators dedicated to enhancing lives through high-quality, affordable products. Our flagship, the Kamelior smart nightlight, is a versatile, energy-efficient solution for various settings. With a sleek design emitting warm, 2700K light, it features smart sensors, rechargeable battery, and easy installation, making it ideal for diverse spaces and users, including the elderly. Illuminate your surroundings with convenience and style.

Kamelior Warm White 2700K Magnetic Installation Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

Kamelior smart night light incorporates a sleek modern contemporary design with backlit LED lights that provide soft white light without glare that is gentle on your eyes. Unlike other night lights that require an outlet to power up, our nightlight is powered by a high grade lithium battery that can provide lighting up to 3months with a full charge. And can be attached anywhere you desire with its included magnetic strip.

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